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City Regulations

cities or municipalities do not have many regulations regarding dumpster rental as long as you keep the dumpster
entirely on your own property during the rental period. If you need to place your container on the street in any
way, you will likely have to obtain a permit from the appropriate building permit office in your town. You can check
with your local sanitation services department to be sure.

Most dumpster rental companies will take care of securing this permit for you if you rent from them. Make sure that
if you’re planning to put the dumpster on the street, the company has made the appropriate arrangements. You should
also ensure that you get the permit in a timely manner and at the correct cost. If you thought the dumpster company
was getting a permit and they did not, you will be the one who will have to pay the fine that is issued by the

Dumpster Sizes Explained

NJorida DebrisWhen
comparing dumpster sizes to find one that fits your project’s needs, it’s important to understand how hauling rental
companies measure dimensions.

It’s important to understand that, in regard to dumpsters, there are no one-size-fits-all options. There are
dumpsters of various sizes, but they vary in price and can cause more problems for a project if the potential renter
does not consider the many details involved with dumpster rental.

To start with, nearly all roll of dumpsters have the same width, usually eight feet. This universal width makes it
possible for companies to use the same trucks to transport a wide variety of dumpsters. Dumpster measurements will
therefore usually refer to depth and length, although some companies will also list dumpster sizes by yards,
referring to square yards that measure the dumpster’s volume.

Always consider the size of the project before committing to a dumpster. A refurbishment job may only require a
10-yarder, whereas long-term project will probably need a 40 yard dumpster. The more detail considered before a
project, the easier it will be to select the correct dumpster. Don’t hesitate to speak with the rental company to
gain their insight; they have a vested interest in helping a renter make the right decision, too.


Cheapest Dumpster Rental – Is It Worth It?

NJorida Waste ServicesCost is
always a factor when renting a dumpster, but it can also be a detriment.

In order to save money and get the best prices, a renter will automatically be drawn to the lowest-priced item
available for rental. This makes plenty of business sense; the renter wants to spend as little money as possible
when renting a container, particularly if the project in question might be expensive, and people are inclined to
look for lower prices for any item.

Sometimes, though, the cheapest dumpster rental companies can actually end up costing the renter more in the long
run. If the rental company prices the dumpster rental options by the size of the dumpster, a smaller dumpster will
cost less than the larger ones. If the project in question is small, this works out fine. But renting a dumpster
with insufficient dimensions because it’s cheaper might leave the renter with a too-small dumpster that gets filled
up before the project is finished. And once the dumpster gets filled, the renter will have to pay for another
dumpster to complete the project.

Communication with the rental company about the project will help ensure the renter selects the best size dumpster
for the job. While a larger dumpster may initially seem more expensive, it could end up saving the renter money and
cost less in the long term.

The renter should research the prices and terms offered by several rental companies before committing to a rental
contract, and be sure to look for extra fees for dropping off and picking up the dumpster. Some companies keep
prices low by cutting corners on service, so the renter needs to know everything they can before doing business with
the company.


Deciding Where to Place Your Dumpster

Yard Waste DumpstersIf
renting a dumpster turns out to be the best option for disposing of debris on a construction job, the next step for
a potential renter should be dumpster placement. More specifically, the renter needs to find out the best place
allowed to store the dumpster.

Depending on the property in question, the municipal organizations may have regulations about where a waste dumpster
can be placed on a residents home property and for what length of time. At the same time, the renter needs the
dumpster to be in a convenient location near the work site free of obstacles. Deciding where to place your dumpster
can have a big impact on how quickly the project gets finished, but the renter needs to ensure the dumpster’s
temporary resting place does not cause inconvenience to neighbors and other residents.

For homeowners, the driveway tends to meet these requirements: that location does not cause traffic problems and
should present no issues for neighbors while also giving the renter easy access to the dumpster. Additionally, the
driveway has the added benefit of usually not requiring the renter to get a license or permit for the dumpster,
although the renter should verify one isn’t needed before shopping for a rental dumpster.

Although many municipalities will allow dumpsters to be stored on the road for short amounts of time, others will
ask you to fill out some paperwork. Following these rules will help you avoid fines that will make your project more


Planning Ahead for Your Dumpster Rentals

Rent a 10 Yard in {{CITY}}Given the
nature of renting a large piece of equipment, it’s especially important to plan ahead with dumpster rental. Doing so
will ensure the proper size dumpster is available for use and will, by extension, help guarantee a successful
completion of the given project.

Consider these steps when planning for dumpster usage in {{CITY}} NJ:

  1. Clear an area that is large enough for the dumpster to sit for several days or weeks. Be sure the people
    involved in the project have access to the dumpster, and make sure they have a clear path that prevents
  2. Prepare the items for removal or recycling. If the project involves cleaning out a waterlogged basement, for
    instance, try to remove as much of the damaged materials before the dumpster canister arrives.
  3. Get any needed {{CITY}} city permits signed and approved before renting the dumpster. If the dumpster will be left
    on a public street for the duration of the project, be sure the municipal organization/code enforcement office
    in the area grants approval.
  4. Have safety equipment ready. This includes gloves, back supports, and other items needed to dispose of debris
    when the dumpster arrives.
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